Academic teaching: 

VICTIMS: POLICY AND POLITICS: City, UoL. Module Leader. MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice. (Spring 2019) See Module evaluations from students

SOCIAL MEDIA AND JOURNALISM: UAL (LCC) Associate Lecturer. UG2 Journalism (Spring 2019)

MEDIA LAW, ETHICS & REGULATION: Goldsmiths, UoL. Module Leader. UG2 & MA Journalism. (Autumn 2016 + 2017)

MEDIA LAW FOR PR PROFESSIONALS: UAL (LCF) Guest Lecturer. UG PR Crisis Management (Autumn 2016 - 2018)

MEDIA LAW FOR JOURNALISTS: University of the Arts London (London College of Communication) Visiting Lecturer. UG2 Journalism (Spring 2018 + 2019)

PRACTICAL LAW FOR FILMMAKERS: Goldsmiths, University of London. Module Leader. MA Filmmaking (Autumn 2017)

KEY ISSUES IN CRIMINOLOGY: City, University of London. Guest Lecturer. Spring 2016: UG2 Criminology (Spring 2016)

NEW MEDIA CHALLENGES: City, University of London. Seminar Leader. UG2 Sociology (Spring 2016)

INTRODUCTION TO CRIMINOLOGY: City, University of London. Seminar Leader. UG2 Criminology (Autumn 2015 + 2016)

short courses:

For staff, previous sessions include: Writing for the Web, Online and Digital Media; Building and Managing your Online Profile; Creating Impact Online; Using Social Media for Professional Development.

For students, previous sessions include: Social Media for SAB officers; Introductory Media Law for Student Media; Social Media Ethics for Journalism students; Social Media for Legal Professionals; Media Law and Ethics for Fashion PR.

Consultation on draft social media policies for staff/students available on request.

Email OnlineMediaLawUK@gmail.com to make an enquiry.