Dr. Holly Powell-Jones


Media & Journalism

Holly is a qualified broadcast journalist with several years’ experience creating content for television, radio, print and online news platforms.

She got her break TV presenting at the Vinspired national awards in 2011, before becoming a reporter for London 360 and BBC Radio London. She worked as a freelance newsreader for a number of radio stations including UKRD and Global, and now regularly appears in the media as a contributor. Holly is a journalism lecturer at various universities and also runs short courses focused on media skills.

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Education & Training

In 2013, Holly used her knowledge of UK media law to design social media law training for schools, tackling issues like cyber-bullying, sexting, online abuse, and hate speech by educating pupils about legislation and real life case studies. This project won substantial grant funding from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey, and was delivered by Eagle Radio Ltd over four years. More than 15,000 pupils aged 8-18 years old benefited from this training in 2017.

In 2014, Holly was awarded a scholarship to complete a PhD at City, University of London’s Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism. Her research investigates children's perceptions of the criminal, legal and social risks of social media misuse.

She’s presented at several international conferences, from gloriously sunny Hawaii to rainy Cardiff, and published a book chapter on Social Media and Bullying.

To get in touch, email OnlineMediaLawUK@gmail.com