Jo Moran, Head of PSHE at St Paul's Girls' School

Holly delivered two sessions to the Year 9s covering social media criminal & civil law, ethics and reputation issues.

Both sessions were very interactive using relevant case studies which kept the students engaged and interested.  Holly gave the students the chance to discuss the outcome of these cases and then vote on several possibilities. 

Holly dealt very effectively with a group of over 100 students and the many questions that followed these discussions. 

She is professional but also addressed the audience confidently on their level. 

I am very happy to recommend Holly and the content of these sessions which are very informative and a different approach to online safety lessons.

Holly Powell-Jones
Jeff Harris, Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey 2013-2016

Holly Powell-Jones has led this project and delivered dozens of assemblies and engagement events across Surrey over the last few months as part of this project.

Further, I am aware that she authored the script for each scenario, devised the style necessary for each audience and has continually made efforts to suit style of content and delivery to individual audiences.

I personally witnessed such efforts last month at a Special Needs School in Farnham, Surrey, where I was impressed at her energy and commitment to a group of young people who were slightly more challenging to engage with, in terms of teaching/facilitation style.

In my opinion as a qualified youth worker and ex-trainer the lesson plan, execution and learning/teaching style were excellent and absolutely right for the audience.


Holly Powell-Jones
Annie Welch, Home School Link Worker at Gosden House School

Having a journalist deliver the workshop made it more meaningful and helped engage the students.

The content was hard hitting, and has certainly provoked some useful discussion with students and staff. Feedback from the students was very positive.

They feel that they now have more understanding of how they can “keep out of trouble” and also appreciate why sometimes it is a good thing to allow a trusted adult to monitor on-line behaviour

Holly Powell-Jones
Nicola Woodroffe, Therfield School

I felt this day was invaluable to all involved, there was something for us all to learn and take away from this.

Students found the day really informative and found the facts about copyright laws and libel / defamation really useful.

Many students found the case studies really informative and this highlighted to our students consequences when using social websites to be derogatory towards others.

As Subject leader for PSHE I will endeavour to deliver sessions on social media law and ethics on an annual basis to ensure all of our students are informed and aware of how to use the internet safely.

Holly Powell-Jones
Jo Nunn, St. Nicholas' School

The workshop provided was, without doubt, one of the best we have had from an ‘outside provider’.

Our pupils all have Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, as well as a range of learning difficulties. This can make for a challenging audience for any presenter!

The materials provided by Holly were tailored to meet the needs of the pupils. They had lots of opportunities to give their thoughts and opinions and these were dealt with effectively and sensitively by Holly.

When pupils went off-track, she was able to bring them back to the subject matter and re-engage them.

The pupils and staff were all impressed with the content, delivery and relevance of the workshop.  Thank you for bringing a difficult topic into the here and now for us.

Holly Powell-Jones
Kieran Holt, Tiffin School

Case studies were clearly very well researched and relevant to the point being made. Format was superb.

It fulfilled my two aims: 1. Get material for lessons & 2. Broaden and deepen my knowledge of e-safety stuff.

Content was bang on. Interesting to me but also potentially interesting to students.

The slides had consistent layout which helped with reading them. Tutor was engaging and the tone was light throughout despite the subject being sometimes quite heavy. Brilliant.

Absolutely would recommend this. Tell people this is better than CEOP and in half the time. I’ll back you up!


Holly Powell-Jones
James Rhatigan, The Perse School Cambridge


Holly is a fantastic presenter.  She is very knowledgeable of the law surrounding Social Media and was able to answer questions from Staff, Parents and Students with ease. 

Her manner in all the presentations was extremely engaging, and everyone left with a wealth of knowledge about the issues discussed. 

We will definitely be looking into getting her back again!  Thank you Holly!

Holly Powell-Jones
Sarah Cheverton, Editor-in-chief Star & Crescent

Holly took the group on a whistle stop tour of the main issues of media law and ethics, illustrated with fascinating and practical examples of case law.

The interactive exercises with the group were thought provoking and enjoyable, and kept the group focused on the practical implications of media law. 

I cannot recommend Holly's training package enough, she worked with me ahead of the session to make sure that she delivered exactly what we needed, and I know our participants would have her back in a heartbeat.

Holly Powell-Jones
Susan Walker, Cranmore School

Excellent course. Well paced. Good materials, user friendly when speaking to staff and or parents. Well measured delivery with time for discussion and feedback. Tutor was excellent, keen enthusiastic, knowledgeable and engaging… Particularly helpful were the discussions on case studies and hearing the views and approaches taken in other schools. I would recommend this course. Holly put across what could be seen as quite legalised issues in a user friendly sensitive manner. Thank you and keep doing a wonderful job

Holly Powell-Jones