Youth perceptions of risk, law and criminality on social media (click for press briefing of research findings from PhD)

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Short video interview for City, University of London’s “Research Spotlight”: summarising my PhD research and methods in 2 minutes.

[Credit: City UoL - 19/06/2019]

London 360 TV News

Guest contributor/interviewee for TV feature about sex education in schools for the digital age, discussing the laws around sexting, cyber abuse and revenge porn. Credit: London 360; Media Trust; 19:30 27/06/2016.

Featured from 3'58":

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Standard Issue podcast

Guest contributor for discussion:

* Episode 182: Research & teaching with young people (16’50” onwards) Listen here.

* Episode 184: The Law Online:Nightmare digital legal case studies (2’25” onwards) Listen here.

Credit: Standard Issue Podcast; London; 12/11/18

SafeToNet Foundation podcast

Safeguarding podcast: Interviewee/guest contributor discussing child safeguarding online, social and cultural norms impacting UK media law, and other issues.

Credit: SafeToNet Foundation (March 2019)

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‘PodhD’ Podcast

Guest contributor/interviewee from abroad at the International Conference for Education 2017 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Discussing PubhD London & PhD research on young people and social media misuse. Credit: Guy Kiddey, PodhD; 10/01/2017

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Eagle Radio News

Interviewed for an article on online safety, arguing for why social media law should be a compulsory part of the school curriculum. Credit: Eagle Radio Ltd; 05/01/2017:

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Youthwork magazine

Guest contributor for a piece about sexting, young people and the law for Premier Youthwork magazine. Credit: Holly Powell-Jones/Premier Youthwork; 01/05/2015 - republished July 2015.

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Surrey PCC website

"Surrey PCC Kevin Hurley and Eagle Radio join forces to offer online media law and safety training in Surrey schools"

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ITV London TV clip: Interviewed about Transport for London's WiFi tracking - starting 8th July - for the 6pm evening news.

[Credit: ITV News London, 18:00 08/07/2019]

CapeTalk 567AM: Live radio interview

Interviewed live via Skype in South African for talk show on CapeTalk 567AM, discussing teenagers, social media, online grooming, fake news and the digital ‘generation gap’.

Credit: CapeTalk Radio

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Tech Pathways London: Interview

Interviewed for profile feature by TechPathways London, which aims to promote digital skills education to boost London’s digital and creative industries.

Credit: TechPathways London (April 2019)

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Channel 5 TV News

Invited interviewee discussing the digital footprint, Online Media Law, and praise for the launch of youth digital 5rights campaign. Credit: Channel 5 News; ITN; 18:30 28/7/2015

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‘Slaying the trolls’- Social Media Use & Abuse

Invited to present research findings at the Open University in Wales and discuss Online Media Law schools project. Credit: OU Wales; Cardiff; 5/11/18.

Watch a short clip here.

See full video here.

Digital Sociology Podcast

Guest contributor/interviewee discussing academic research and work in schools. Credit: Produced by Dr. Christopher Till, Senior lecturer in Sociology at Leeds Beckett University; 18/08/2017. (From 1'24")

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Media Law Podcast

Guest contributor/interviewee for discussion on social media law and ethics and academic research at City, University of London involving 184 young participants.

Credit: Media Law Podcast (March 2019)

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Innovate My School: Interview

"It's a (cyber)crime: Teaching the laws of Internet usage" Interviewed for an online feature on why every school ought to be teaching pupils about law and the Internet. Credit: Nicola Ponsford; Innovate My School 30/06/2017:

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Tomorrow's transactions

This podcast explores the 'youth' dimension of the digital identity debate. Credit: Consult Hyperion/Tomorrow's Transactions; 10/10/2015.

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