phd thesis:

Title: How do young people interpret and construct risk in an online context? Full download available here.

Passed (no amendments): 3/12/2018

Supervisors: Prof. Chris Greer & Dr. Carrie Myers

Awards: CLJJ (Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism) scholarship.

Description: The research focuses on young people aged 11-18 years old, and their perceptions of the misuse of social media. Specifically, where they think the boundaries lie between criminal, illegal, moral and social transgressions in an online or digital context, and what factors influence these perceptions.

The research is based on participant observation of a series of interactive, focus group workshop sessions in two large secondary schools. 189 participants discuss various specific stimuli examples in groups, with verbatim hand-written quotations noted by the researcher. These responses are then coded, analysed and written up as findings.

The research builds upon extensive previous professional work undertaken on behalf of the Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office, leading ‘Online and Social Media Law and Ethics’ sessions in schools since 2013, in collaboration with Eagle Radio.


  • Doctorate (PhD) at the Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism; Department of Sociology, City, University of London (2014 – 2018)

  • Masters in Radio Journalism (BJTC accredited) - Goldsmiths, UoL (2011 – 2012).

  • Bachelor of Arts (Drama & theatre), Royal Holloway University of London (2007 – 2010).


  • Deputy director of the interdisciplinary Youth Justice Network: Supporting the development of the network, which aims to bring together academics, charities and professionals with expertise relating to crime, youth and digital media alongside director Dr. Faith Gordon. Attending and presenting at YJN events, establishing and creating content for the website, blogs and social media platforms (2016-18).

  • Online and Social Media Law and Ethics: Project leader and author of annual reports (Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey and Eagle Radio Ltd.) (2013-17) Read these reports here.

  • National Union of Journalists (NUJ) Professional Training Committee (ProfCom) (2016 - ongoing)

  • Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) Post-graduate and research student representative for City, University of London (2016-17)

  • The Brilliant Club Scholar’s Programme: PhD Tutor on ‘Online and Social Media Law and Ethics’, running weekly seminars with high performing students within low performing secondary schools to encourage them to consider applying for the top UK universities (Spring 2016)

  • PubhD London: Organising committee for hosting and running events where PhD students present informal free public talks about their academic research in London pubs (2016 - 2017)

Publications, conferences & public speaking:

  • (Peer-reviewed book chapter): 'Bullying and Social Media' (2017) School bullying and mental health: Risks, Intervention and Prevention (Routledge) In press, 2018.

  • Digital Inclusion Policy and Research Conference (DIPRC 2019) ‘Policy recommendations based on youth perceptions of digital “risk” - Lessons from Online Media Law’ (University of Liverpool in London: June 2019)

  • Slaying the Trolls: Social Media Use and Abuse: ‘Youth perspectives on law, crime and policing of social media abuse’ (The Open University in Wales, Cardiff: November 2018)

  • Institute of Communication Ethics Annual Conference: ‘Anti Social Media?’: “Young people’s views of social media misuse’ (The Frontline Club: October 2018)

  • Cafe Sci: ‘The Legal Risks of Social Media’ (Woking Lightbox: September 2018)

  • Data Natives 2018. Paper Presentation: 'Young people’s perspectives on the risks of social media misuse' (City University of London: April 2018)

  • UCU Teach Out: International Women's Day 2018. Presentation: "Social media and feminism" (Northampton Square: March 2018)

  • Sociology and Social Media: Problems & Prospects (The Sociological Review). Paper presentation: "Social media law and ethics" (Goldsmiths University of London: Dec 2017)

  • 17th Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology EuroCrim 2017, Panel session: Children, Young People and Social Media: Consent, Criminalisation and Culpability’. Paper presentation: “Digital and social media communications offences: Youth perspectives on risk and responsibility online”. (Cardiff University: Sept 2017)

  • Feminist Reflections on Law, Society and Care Conference, Women's Bodies as Subjects panel. Paper presentation: “Distributing indecent images: Youth Constructs of Risk and Responsibility” (Manchester Law School, Manchester Metropolitan University: July 2017)

  • Gender and Sexualities Research Forum, Gender, Sexuality and Digital Culture Symposium. Paper presentation: ‘Youth perspectives on the distribution of digital sexual content’ (City University of London: June 2017)

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  • BSA Gender, Crime and Media Conference. Paper presentation: 'Gendered youth perspectives on sexting and revenge porn offences' (Birmingham University: June 2016)

  • BSA Post-grad conference: ‘Close to Home: Moral dilemmas, ethical practice and complexities of reflexivity in ethnographic research’. Paper and poster presentation on 'The ethics of conducting research in schools' (London School of Economics, June 2016)

  • LCSS PhD Methodology Conference. Paper presentation on 'Balancing the roles of the Researcher/Tutor' (University of Westminster, June 2016